Corner16 is a casual style restaurant for the whole family. Now serving lunch, brunch, and dinner…
Welcome to your happy place.

At Corner16 we won’t ask you to find something on the menu you like. We’ll ask you to find something you crave. That won’t be hard.

We offer a mix of fresh snack and comfort foods, and our recipes are made the old-fashioned way.

From loaded tater tots to braised oxtails, our chef has put together a menu that appeals to toddlers, foodies, and everyone in between. We’ve got plenty of delicious yet guilt-free fare. Our local, organic vegetables paired with our signature dressings will taste like you’re cheating. So tell your calorie-counting self to take a the day off.

And after your weekend hike, come enjoy our classic brunch, complete with family recipes passed down for several generations now – warm, flaky biscuits and fresh gravy, french toast, waffles, and made-to-order omelets.

When possible, we source products locally, and we make most everything from scratch. Speaking of, how long has it been since you had pot roast? What about homemade chicken and dumplings? Yeah, you’re overdue.

Of course, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t offer our legendary Smoky Mountain Brewery beers. Corner16 dishes deserve beers made by locals.

Then there’s our freshly ground beef and chicken, not to mention burgers we pat by hand. Yes, you’ll taste the difference. And yes, you should add the bacon sliced in-house. And no, we won’t tell you the seasonings in our proprietary blend. Any magician worth his salt knows that mystery is the most important ingredient in any show.

We pride ourselves on turning family meals into cherished memories. You can’t rush the comfort in comfort foods, and we’re not going to hurry you out the door. So slow down, relax, and indulge. Let us serve you. You bring your favorite people, and we’ll delight them with our favorite flavors.

A corner is a crossroads, a meeting place where those you care about most and neighbors can come together and hang out, socialize and eat… We’ll meet you here.

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